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I just bought a new house in Chiba. We will be moving around October. We're in the process of fixing it up. It's a beautiful old house. It's only 1 hour away from Tokyo, but it's very quiet here.

Japanese carpentry
Guest rooms
Outside hall
Guest rooms
Guest rooms
Hall with pine plank floors
The front door
The "Kura"
Mizuka working on yard
Another view of future pond
Side of house overlooking garden
This will become part of the pond
Traditional Japanese carpentry
Whole pine logs...
Nice big planks of pine...
Front of bath
Hot bath during day
Bath during day
Hallway near back of house
Room with "kamidana"
Israeli charm from Zika above door
Rocks where future pond will go
Bamboo forest behind house
Rocks in back of house
Front of house
Rocks in front of house
From Parking Lot
View from entrance
Hallway near back of house
Front engawa
Front engawa
Front engawa
Entrance of house
Front of house
Corner of house
Front of house
From parking lot
Front of house