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January 02, 2004


phillip torrone

love it,

i'll need to order one of these. often, i bring my tablet pc, so i can stand in lines, write, do work etc, but other times, i just have my laptop, so i'd use this too.

great new site joi.



I showed this product to my mom, the owner of a 17" Powerbook, and she says that the man doesn't look very comfortable. He's in that big chair and is sitting on the edge of it, not relaxing at all.

Joi Ito

Haha. True. Maybe I should do a self portrait.

Mark Derricutt

I was thinking of something like this for random church-service bloggings ( closest thing to regular conventions I get around these parts ). Such a temptable purchase... but first - them pesky bills.

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Yes its a nice laptop stand for conference and meetings....Hope this product would be easily available in the market.....

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