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March 10, 2004



So now how many unlocked cell phones do you have that you're not using? ;-)

Joi Ito

Unfortunately, this phone only works in Japan and has spotty coverage so it's added a phone to my pocket, but not displaced another one. ;-)


If you want global coverage get one of the new Vodafones: W-CDMA and triband GSM. Look for the V801SH model, http://www.3gnewsroom.com/3g_news/feb_04/news_4146.shtml
Available from April. Better cameras and screen than the DoCoMo phones (at least my 2G Vodafone: 2 megapixel autofocus camera, 320X240 pixel 2.4 inch screen. And of course Bow-lingual...)


So, where did you guys buy your P900i and does it support the EU region as of yet.??


I keep wondering what kind of morons came up with such a dorky/imoppoi/dasai brand name like "FOMA" for Docomo's 3G service...


i really want to buy the Panasonic FOMA P900i but i dont know where to buy it help me please

karen james

Hello seller,
I saw your product Sony Ericsson P900i and am willing to buy it owing totality to the fact that it is the exact product in which my customers are demanding for. I will like to know if you have up to two (2) of this particular item, because two of my customers demanded for this particular item. Payment of the item will be done by our company through money order because of both security and economic reasons. The shipping of the item will be through you (the seller)which means the shipping amount will be added to the total of the items. I will be glad, if my request is granted.


Wow that handset looks good and having very good features too. But i always noticed one problem in Sony handsets is that their charging point creates problem after few months, sometimes phone doesn't get charged while connected to charger. personally i love this set but am using p9501 that is also very good

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i love this set but am using p9501

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Debra M. Alford

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wow great ceel phone !! I want to buy one of them in Christmas

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P900i was a great model I test it some several years ago.

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Great phone. How much does it costs? Wanna buy it.

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It looks like old 19 centurey phone :D


This mobile is awesome.The machine is very reliable with all the latest features, good sound,great display,connecvity features like bluetooth,wi-fi etc.
A nice device for people who really want a service at the best.

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How many color in this mobile phone?


I agree with the previous post.

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