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April 17, 2004


Frank Paynter

I have long enjoyed the use of my 12hp Troybilt Econohorse rear tine tiller. It looks very much like the one in the picture! It's time for me to get it out and till the flower beds.


that is a serious beauty! i haven't had a garden since i moved to the bay area four years ago. we had a terraced acre in the hollywood hills, which required nearly daily maintenance. i found that although it can be a chore, when i regarded the work as meditation, and a break from whatever writing i was working on at the time, i was much more productive and focussed when i returned to the computer. some of my best ideas came to me while pushing the briggs and stratton around the yard!


So since you spread the dandelion seeds all over your yard, does that guarantee the use of the tiller next year to eat up even more dandelions?


Sorry to hear that you've already broken it. Did you just bend a blade or something more serious? I've been taking welding, so I'd offer to fix it for you, but you'd have to get the unit to flagstaff (hehe). Big power tools are definitely cool, though when I can, I take the manual approach just to minimize the chance of doing myself damage (like cutting and splitting wood--bow saws are much safer than chainsaws).

Joi Ito

Jessica, I actually pick up the dandelion roots and toss them out.

Derek, the hood had gotten banged and it wass pressed against a tire. A neighbor fixed it for me though so it's as good as new again. ;-)


Unfortunatelly it is not avaiable in Poland :-(. I want to take it in my hands...


By purchasing this gas-guzzling behemeth, you have missed out on the opportunity to gain honor in battle. Armed with a hoe or mere trowel you would more convincely prove your manhood :-)

Sam Beardsley

Have you found a web site yet where you can view the tine configuration for the FR750? Any good places to purchace tines?


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I recently purchased a Honda FR750 Tiller. It's got a 6.5 hp engine and it does an amazing job at... tilling. There is a large section of yard that was all covered in weeds and was taking ages to work on by hand. I sprung for a tiller and in one day, my dandelion hell was over. Or at least the beginning of the end was over. There's nothing like a bunch of flying dandelion seeds to put a damper on neighborhood relations. The tiller is a bit of an overkill for just decimating dandelions, but we're going to start a vegetable garden so I'm sure it will come in handy then.

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