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June 15, 2004


Oliver Thylmann

A true geek speeking there! "I have to buy a PC so I can try out Lifeblog". Respect Joi, Respect :)

Jens Doka

I totally agree with you on the design. "over-designed" is true for many new nokia phones. I don't really understand why they have to go such a different way than any other manufacturer, especially with their high end phones. I own the 6600 and as you said it is slow but looks ok.


Are you using that phone in Japan? If so, with what carrier?

Joi Ito

This is a GSM only phone so won't work in Japan.


Okie, thanks. I thought so but was kind of confused because I was under the impression that you lived in Japan. :-)

It is too bad that Japan does not have some of the nice smart phones that the US, and other geographical locations, has. Maybe one day!


I don't know if that'd be exactly right. I love the J-phones, old and new. Japan went 3G and had phone to phone and phone to computer email and camera phones about two years before anyone else... Especially Australia. :(

By the way, Joi, Nihonjin desuka? If so, douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Luciano Giustini

What about the 6630? It's as 7610 but Umts :)

Richard Giles

I'm planning on buying one of these as soon as it's in stores in Australia.

Joi - Have you had any luck with using it with a PowerBook? I would deperatly want it to sync with iCal and the OS X Address Book.

Joi Ito

I'm using it now to do bluetooth from my PowerBook to gprs on the phone. It doesn't yet work with iSync as far as I can tell.

Richard Giles

Have you used the OS X 10.3.4 feature for incoming calls and SMS?

"Windows for incoming phone calls and SMS messages for a paired Bluetooth phone now appear in the foreground."



I have a 7610 and I was trying to connect it to my computer via BlueTooth. I have no problem to transfer files back and forth between the phone and the computers. But when I try to use the PCSuite, the bluetooth connection choice is not showing up in the Connection Manager and so I cannot sync the phone with my PC using BT. Can anyone give me any suggestions of how to set it up? Many thanks.


Hi Joi, does the N7610 support fax data? Been rooting around the internet but getting conflicting info...so need to firsthand ask someone who really has the phone :)

Bill Day

My take on the 7610, migrating existing stuff over to it, and add-on software and cellcam features to take advantage of:



any1 have full screen caller 3.0 or above for nokia 7610?....pliz pliz send to me
10q very very much


Getting a 7610 tomorrow. does anyone know if you can use all its functions with a Mac via Bluetooth? I'm running os x 10.2.8


Getting a 7610 tomorrow. does anyone know if you can use all its functions with a Mac via Bluetooth? I'm running os x 10.2.8


I was working with a client yesterday and could not get a GPRS connection with his PowerBook G4/550 and his Nokia 7610. "Could not establish a FSCOMM serial connection" etc.

Using a D-Link USB BlueTooth adaptor plugged into the back of the PB.
have tried all the GPRS scripts from taniwha.org.uk with no effect.


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I'm having quite some trouble getting my 7610 to accept connections from my powerbook. Can someone point me to the exact modem driver they're using?


Angelica Enriquez

Just got a quick question in regards to Nokia 7610. A friend of mine just recently bought a laptop. She has installed the PC Suite to her laptop and now she is trying to transfer some pictures from her Nokia 7610 to the laptop but the nokia browser is somehow not recognising her phone. I don't know what she has done... What do you suggest? Sorry i have searched online for a solution but no luck.. Please help... Thanks


great camera and colour combination. I almost bought this because i was surprised by the picture quality.

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