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July 03, 2004


josh (toaster)

i had e5's beforei got the sensaphonics. i am gonna have to disagree with joi and say the sensaphonics are more than just a little better...

the sensaphonics sound so much better than the e5's that it's remarkable, considering how great the e5's sound.

the e5's biggest downfall is it's high end - it is basically non-existent. the sensaphonics have so much detail on the high end, as well as everywhere else that it's just obscene. the nuances you can hear on the sensaphonics elevate the listening experience to a near-live performance.

the comfort of the silicone material and the custom molded earpieces is simply incredible. the sensaphonic 2X-S is without question, the most comfortable headphone on the market.

if you've been thinking about buying these, stop waiting and just get them. they will change the way you listen to music forever.


Hahaha... I can't believe I didn't see this 'til today. Congrats Joi, if you start matching up 2X-S to other high-end equipments, the difference between it and E5c will show up more and more.

Your E5c mold does stick out a lot, but that's pretty normal. The one on Sensa's website is basically under the "optimal" situation, where your ear just happens to fit the E5c and the custom mold attachment nicely. Mine stuck out ways from my ear as well.

I've even gotten the UE-10 Pro and UE5c... in comparison, I still like the Sensaphonics much more. I've met Michael as well.. he's a very nice guy, and we had some great conversations... what a trip :)


After months of waiting, I finally got my custom sensaphonics sleeves for my E3s and haven't been impressed. I wrote a bit about it here: Sensaphonics Review


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Wow, that is one revolutionary earphone!

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Wow, that is one revolutionary earphone!

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